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Google Cloud’s Climate Insights

Google Cloud’s Climate Insights

Challenge:  Governments play a vital role in understanding and responding to climate change; however, they often lack the actionable insights they need to respond quickly. Tasked with leading the response to a variety of climate-related issues such as extreme heat, wildfires, floods, and droughts, governments are looking for ways to decrease response times and increase the level of confidence in their plans and predictions. In order to do this, they must undertake high-volume analysis of geospatial, historical, and scientific data sets on an unprecedented scale. 


Google Solution: Google Cloud’s Climate Insights for Natural Resources and Climate Insights for Infrastructure help organizations utilize Earth observation data better via a combination of Google Earth Engine, BigQuery, Vertex AI and Google Cloud, to understand climate risks and provide insights to inform policies for adaptation strategies. With these data-driven insights, public sector agencies and researchers can improve their response time to climate disasters, make more accurate predictions, and implement disaster-response plans with greater confidence. These new offerings are already having an impact in the public sector and can be used to inform a multitude of use cases, including land and infrastructure management, and city and regional planning.


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Where is this working:

  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has been using GEE to process satellite data to track environmental changes at scale. NRCan researcher Dr. Richard Fernandes has been using GEE to power his LEAF Toolbox, which creates customizable maps of foliage density in real time.
  • The State of Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) manages 2,500 miles of highway, with 20% of roads facing risks due to erosion and sea-level rise. With Climate Insights for infrastructure, HDOT can assess risk and prioritize investment decisions based on multiple climate factors, asset conditions, and community impact.


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