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Google Cloud's learning platform and interactive tutor

Google Cloud's learning platform and interactive tutor

Challenge:  Existing solutions create additional challenges for institutions when creating learning content and new academic programs as it is difficult and costly to integrate new tools, and there is an enormous effort required from institutions to keep their existing programs up to date with new skills needed by the workforce. The end result is that it is often costly and inefficient to build new academic programs.


Google Solution:  Specifically built for education, Google Cloud’s learning platform enables institutions to provide personalized learning experiences and optimize academic operations at scale. Organizations can customize how they use the learning platform so it is bespoke to their specific needs and solve challenges at both online and in-person institutions. This offering enables institutions and their partners to build next-generation educational applications in a cost-effective manner that cater to specific learners' needs. 


The learning platform is designed to be managed and operated by our customers or partners, not by Google. The learning platform provides a technical foundation for learning solutions that provides common data models, analytics and services to enable easy deployment, scalability and integration of learning applications. 


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Contact your Google Cloud team to scope your own interactive tutor projects


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