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Rapid Integration Service

Rapid Integration Service

Challenge: System integrations continue to be the Achilles heel of digital transformation efforts. Federal & DoD program offices have complex multi-system portfolios that often either don’t communicate with each other or communicate by a brittle mess of point-to-point connections. This slows reaction time in response to rapidly changing mission requirements or achieving the goals of current DoD data lake investments and cloud migration strategies. The Google Cloud Rapid Integration Service is a complete solution to address these challenges.


Google Solution:  Google Cloud’s Rapid Integration Service is a  complete solution to give you command of your data and systems. Google makes it simple to free your teams and resources from the pains of integration to achieve a state where the right people, leveraging the right insights, can make the right decisions, at the right time. With Google’s expertise in managing ten applications each with over one billion daily active users enabled by an API-first approach and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices, Google is the ideal partner to help government program offices move away from buying under-utilized and overly complex “megasystems” and instead foster “living systems” and ecosystems of innovation. Living Systems optimize current systems and data while providing flexibility to rapidly adapt and absorb new critical data sets and emerging technologies.


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Where is this working

  • 19th Air Force Pilot Training Transformation - since 2020 - Rapid Integration Service to develop pilot training ecosystem
  • Rapid Sustainment Office - since summer 2021 - Rapid Integration Service to develop aircraft maintenance ecosystem


Supporting Partners: 


 Contact your Google Cloud team to scope your own Rapid Integration Service deployment





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API's are definitely the future, I was over-whelmed by them at first, but now I see what they are a key construct in our ever changing world!

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