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Research & Data Insights

Research & Data Insights

Challenge: Research institutions need to build innovation hubs that embrace collaboration and unlock cross-modality analysis. They also need to reduce the cost of reproducibility and compliance assurance to increase their return on research. And finally, they also need to facilitate a seamless mobility of their research workloads across on-prem and any public cloud.

Google Solution:  Research & Data Insights is a set of services for next-generation research. It facilitates the ingestion, aggregation and real-time processing of any type of data in its original format. It provides groundbreaking HPC capabilities leveraging your current schedulers like Slurm, HTCondor, GridEngine and others. It also includes  life science specific services to perform automated de-identification of healthcare data and an optimized execution of clinical trials through FDA Mystudies implementation.

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  • Omnibond
  • ATOS
  • Mavenwave
  • Quantiphi

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