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Vaccine Distribution App Templates (AppSheet)

Vaccine Distribution App Templates (AppSheet)

Challenge: Local state and city agencies need better tools to help citizens understand vaccine availability and coordinate distribution based on eligibility.

Solution: AppSheet is a no-code app development platform that organizations use to help improve how employees, customers and the public interact with Workspace data.

Two app templates that connect to a single Google Sheet help provide local agencies a starting point for coordinating vaccine distribution to citizens.

Citizen-facing app template for submitting personal info & determining eligibility

Feature include:

  • SMS or Email confirmation based on preferred communication
  • Calculates citizen’s vaccination eligibility phase
  • Logs user details to Google Sheet

Internal employee-facing management app template for monitoring citizen inquiries and scheduling appointments

Features include:

  • Dashboard of inquiries broken out by eligibility Phase
  • Quick actions for calling, emailing or texting
  • Appointment scheduling - once scheduled, name gets crossed out
  • Calendar of appointments
  • Manual new inquiry form (for submitting via the phone with citizen)

These apps can be copied and used by anyone as a starting point for their own vaccine distribution efforts. Look for the ‘Copy app’ link in the upper-left of the editor while viewing the template.


These vaccine distribution template apps are meant to be copied and customized to your organization’s specific requirements before being deployed. Deployed applications require user licenses that vary based on app features included. If your organization is subscribed to a Workspace Enterprise Plus account, AppSheet Pro licenses are included, otherwise licensing can be obtained via the AppSheet account settings.

'Public Apps' can be made available to an unlimited number of visitors for $50/mo, with a 'Publisher Pro' subscription. This subscription requires a dedicated AppSheet account, separate from an account used to manage licensed users (internal use). More details are available at

If you are a larger organization and/or are looking for an integrated vaccine solution that includes forecasting, modeling, and sentiment analysis, the Intelligent Vaccine Impact Solution is also a great option.   

How to get support:

AppSheet community

Talk to sales

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