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Community Events

The Events area is a dedicated section of the community that contains information about (and recordings and resources from) the community's weekly knowledge-sharing 'Coffee Hour' conversations, our frequent 'Working Sessions', and other Community-promoted events. You can find the Events section by using the navigation bar at the top of the Community site.

Read the following to learn how to add the events to your calendar, view or find different events, and more.  Note that events are managed by the Community Team, meaning that only events hosted by Google will be published. This is to ensure that whatever you see on the Events calendar is an official Google event.


Adding Events to your Calendar


There are two ways you can add individual events straight to your calendar:

  • For Google Calendar - You will see a button in the body of the event post:



  • For other Calendars - the event listing has a button to add the event directly to your calendar in two steps:
      1. Click ‘Add to Calendar’ and an ics file will be downloaded.
      2. Click the ics file to launch your calendar and have the option to add the event.

add to calendar.png


  • Non-Google calendar users also have the option to add all events for a given month to their calendar at one time.
  1. Set the events page to "Calendar View" (see "Viewing Events" below to see how).
  2. Once you have the Calendar View, use the "Options" drop down to select "Add Events to Calendar". This will download an ICS file that will add all events for that month at one time.


PSC Events Mass Add.png




To keep informed about Events:

  • Click the 'Options' drop down on the top left of the events page
  • Select “Subscribe”

PSC Subscribe.png

Subscribe will send you a notification whenever a new event is added. This is important if you don’t want to miss hearing about new events as soon as possible.

Viewing Events


On the Events page, you have the option to toggle between a list view and a calendar view of events.

When you view events in a list, they display in a paginated list:


When you view events in a calendar, they display in an interactive calendar that allows you to hover over an event to see more details and its status. 



From both views, you can:

  • View date, time, and location of events
  • Read a short description of each event
  • View Likes and comments for each event


You can filter events based on Event Status and Labels. This will allow you to pull up only Coffee Hours, past events, etc.



The values that you select are displayed below the filters:


Viewing Past Event Recordings

If you’d like to see recordings of past events:

  • Add 'Status: Past' to the list
  • Remove 'Status: In progress'
  • Remove 'Status: Upcoming'

This will give you a list of all previous events. The body of the event listing will be updated with a link to where you can watch the video.

past recordings.png




You might also see a 'REGISTER HERE' button that takes you to a registration page if the event requires advanced sign up.





We’d love it if you RSVP’d so we can let you know if there are changes to the event schedule for any unforeseen reason.



We look forward to seeing you at one of our interesting and informative events soon!

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