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Getting Started with your Public Sector Community

Welcome to Public Sector Connect at the Google Cloud Public Sector Community

This community is exclusively for government or higher education employees interested in using Google Cloud to improve how the public sector operates and serves its constituents. Whether you’re a technical pro or are just interested in data science or health & human services, this community is a space where you can collaborate with your peers to solve problems, find innovative solutions, and address common needs and challenges.

We know that many people in this community are looking to solve similar problems. We have created this space to make it easy for you to find the best solutions, connect with others who've wrestled with the same issues, or join forces with those who share your interests and want to learn together.   

We hope you will be generous in sharing your successes, ideas, questions, and reference material -- and be supportive of your peers.

Ways to Participate

Here are a few ways in which we hope to learn from and share with you:

  • Crowd-sourced community solutions: A set of shared and reusable solutions and resources across a range of topics. Complete with a community contact person who can speak in more detail to what they did so that you don’t have to recreate the wheel.
  • Weekly ‘Coffee Hour’ conversations and insights: Meet other community members at our weekly, virtual ‘Coffee Hours’ and join the conversation with Googlers who can speak to a range of topics, issues, and products.
  • Training and Resources: Find training resources, both from Google and from our customers, that you can immediately take and use.

Our Ask 

You can help speed the time from the problem to the solution for thousands of others by contributing how you tackled big problems, lessons learned,  project or training plans, solution architecture and source code, or other resources. 

We also hope you will be bold in sharing what you don't know and asking the community for their thoughts and ideas. We trust you to engage respectfully and be constructive with your feedback.  

Want more information? Feel free to reach out to the community admin team at

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